Neuschwanstein Grotto

entrance gate neuschwanstein

The Venus grotto, an artificial stalactite cave on the third floor, is undoubtedly the most original room in Neuschwanstein Castle.

Grotto Neuschwanstein grotte
The Writing Room was changed from 1880 into a small grotto.

A waterfall and colored lighting inspired the romantic atmosphere sought by Ludwig.
Sheltered from the threatening world outside, the king could listen to music coming from the Singers hall above.

The name refers to the legend of Tannhauser who was supposed to have been lured under the spell of Venus into her grotto.

winter garden neuschwanstein
Winter Garden

A glass door sliding into the rock leads from the dark grotto to a bright winter garden.
The Visitor can enjoy a glorious view to the wide foothill of the alps and the Forggensee lake, which did not exist at that time.

Forggensee lake neuschwanstein castle
Forggensee lake

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