King of Neuschwanstein

King Ludwig 2

On August 25, 1845 Crown princess Marie of Bavaria gave birth at Nymphenburg Palace
to a son who next day was christened Ludwig, subsequently knows as THE FAIRLY TALE king
The heir to the throne spent his childhood far from reality, and early on, Ludwig escaped into a world of fantasy. He only felt happy at his fan there´s castle in Hohenschwagau.

In 1864 Ludwig succeeded his father, Maximilian 2, and become king of Bavaria.

Forced to accept bitter political and military defeat, he escaped into the world of Richard Wagner´s operas and become his greatest patron. Tanhaeuser, lohengrin and Parsifal were Ludwig´s idols. He Built places of refuge: Neuschwanstein Schloss first, later the Landerhof and Herrenchiemsee palaces, but the enormous building cost meant increasing debts. Ludwig`s behaviour become more and more strange, he slept in the daytime and was up at night,
King Ludwig and Wagner

in 1886 the king was declared mentally ill and unable to reign: he was arrested at Neuschwanstein castle and taken to berg palace on june12, 1886. The following day ludwig was found dead.

The exact circumstances have never been clarified to this day, but a cross marks the spot in the lake at Starnberg where the 40 year old king met his tragic end

king ludwig dead

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