Useful German words and phrases for Travels

Useful german words and phrases for Travels   Germany Austria or Switzerland
Useful German words and phrases for Travels

Here below you will find few useful words you can use while traveling in Germany Austria or Switzerland:

Hello = Hallo
Castle =  Schloss
Good day = Guten Tag / Morgen
Good evening = Guten Abend
Good night = Gute Nacht
Good bye = Auf Wiedersehen
Bye = Tschüß
See you soon = Bis bald
Please = Bitte
Thank you (very much) = Danke (schön) / (Vielen Dank)
Excuse me = Entschuldigung Sie bitte
Yes = Ja
No = Nein
That depends = Das kommt darauf an
I don't know = Ich weiß nicht
I don't think so = Das glaube ich nicht
I suppose so = Ich nehme an
I think so = Ich glaube schon
It doesn't matter = Es macht nichts
I don't mind = Es ist mir egal / gleich
Of course = Natürlich
True = Richtig / Das ist wahr
With pleasure = Mit Vergnügen
I don't understand. = Ich verstehe Sie nicht.
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  1. German is a very good country and I would like to visit it and see all the places of interests. Thanks for the language tips.

  2. It was a wonderful chance to visit this kind of site and I am happy to know. thank you so much for giving us a chance to have this opportunity.

  3. Great idea to post this. Really. I was actually thinking about visit Austria and Germany next spring so I guess this post can come in handy. I don't like this language that much so few phrases will do just fine, thanks.